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Linda Simmons was a dynamic, creative and dedicated member of the Alaska broadcast community.

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Linda Simmons
Memorial Scholarship
Established September 28, 2001

Objective and Background

Since its inception, The Alaska Broadcasters Association has dedicated significant resources to promoting education in the communications field.  The Board of Directors of the Alaska Broadcasters Association, through the award of an annual scholarship, wishes to recognize the significant contributions made by Linda Simmons to the Alaska Broadcasters Association. Linda Simmons was a dynamic, creative and dedicated member of the Alaska broadcast community who lost her battle with cancer in 2001.  At the time of her death, Linda was working on behalf of the ABA in her position of Executive Director.

This scholarship is offered to provide encouragement and financial assistance to students who have demonstrated their interest in the communications arts and their abilities in the area of academic performance, attendance, and discipline - and to encourage the students to expand, use, and strengthen their skills. The Board of Directors of The Alaska Broadcasters Association, Inc. intends that this scholarship be awarded annually.  Further, the Board will, in consultation with industry leaders, periodically review and revise the criteria established for the scholarship.

AMOUNT OF SCHOLARSHIP:                           $2,000.00


APPLICATION DEADLINE:                              APRIL 1 ST

Minimum Academic Requirements:

Graduation from an accredited high school or successful completion of an accredited General Educational Development (GED) program and acceptance into a recognized post-secondary institution.

Scholarship Criteria:

Candidate must be pursuing a degree or certified course of study in an accredited junior/community college, college, university or professional trade school.  Candidate may be already attending a post-secondary institution. Graduate students are not eligible.

  1. Candidates must be pursuing Radio and/or Television Broadcasting or Broadcast Engineering as a major course of study.  Applications from candidates pursuing major studies in Journalism, Public relations, or Advertising, will be considered in the event there are no qualified candidates with Broadcast Communications or Broadcast Engineering Majors.

  2. Candidates must be residents of the State of Alaska.  The location of their institution is immaterial.

  3. The student must demonstrate excellence in the following areas:

    • Academic Performance
    • Discipline/Attitude
    • Attendance

Application Process

A committee consisting of ABA’s Board of Directors and member station employees will review all the applications and determine the recipient(s).  Alternates will also be selected at this time in the event that the chosen recipient(s) are unable to accept the scholarship.

Award Announcement & Distribution of the Scholarship Funds

The award of the scholarships will be announced during the month of May.  Their name will be inscribed on a permanent plaque to be located at the Alaska Broadcasters Association offices as additional recognition of the award. The scholarship funds will mailed to the winner, with the Registrar of their chosen school as Co-Payee

Children of the employees and Board of Directors of Alaska Broadcasters Association are ineligible for this scholarship.

For More Information

Please contact the ABA directly at 907-258-2424, or any ABA Member Station.